Our structure is based on best practice demonstrated by other successful Taekwondo organisations from around the world.  It takes into consideration the 'martial art' aspect of relationships that need to be acknowledged, but more importantly provides opportunity for individuals with the appropriate skill sets and capabilities to be identified and placed in positions that will enhance the organisation and represent its members.

As you will see below, the structure is made up of governance and operational arms, with the addition of a members forum to provide the executive board with guidance in particular areas.  This will ensure that member organisations are given an opportunity to contribute when required.

NZETKD - Structure.jpg

The diagram below provides an insight into who appoints the executive board, the operational staff and the members forum positions and once appointed, who they report to.  Transparency is a core concept that we at NZETKD pride ourselves in promoting for the benefit of everyone in the organisation.

NZETKD - Reporting.jpg