NZETKD High Performance Programme

At the recent 2018 TUNZ National Championships athletes were given the opportunity to submit their interest for selection to the NZETKD High Performance Programme.  The programme is a new initiative to World Taekwondo in New Zealand with the primary purpose of consolidating resources to help develop and prepare selected athletes in both Kyorugi and Poomsae for high level competitive achievement both nationally and internationally.


Those selected athletes will be contacted shortly with a letter of invitation to join the programme.  We look forward to announcing the selected athletes and getting the programme underway in 2019.

NZETKD President Achieves 8th Dan Kukkiwon Certification

It is with great pleasure that we announce and congratulate Grand Master Oh on recently achieving his 8th Dan Kukkiwon certification. Having traveled to Korea to complete his grading, Grand Master Oh now becomes one of only a handful to achieve the 8th Dan Kukkiwon level in New Zealand.

An amazing achievement in itself, that demonstrates many years of commitment to Taekwondo.  The achievement will be extremely beneficial to members within NZETKD. In particular, those high ranking individuals which may be striving for higher Dan certifications.

Once again we would like to congratulate Grand Master Oh on this amazing achievement.

Access to Global Athlete and Official Licenses granted

World Taekwondo (WT) has confirmed that NZETKD is now eligible to apply directly to WT for Global Athlete (GAL) and Official (GOL) Licenses on behalf of its members. This is fantastic news for the organisation and its members who now have the ability to compete internationally as a License is a requirement of international competition. Any members who would like more information regarding the application for a GAL or GOL, please contact the secretary on

Global Athlete License Update

Global Athlete License Update

NZETKD have been in discussions over the past 3 months with World Taekwondo (WT) and Sport New Zealand (SNZ) regarding the ability for our members to obtain Global Athlete Licenses (GAL). 

It is well recognised throughout New Zealand that the current Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) governance dispute is impacting negatively on all Taekwondo athletes in New Zealand. 

A Member National Association (MNA) such as TNZ has the objective ability to provide GALs to all athletes irrespective of organisation or affiliation.  Although this has not taken place, NZETKD will continue communicating with WT and SNZ to ensure that our athletes are provided with a fair and equitable ability to compete internationally.

Kukkiwon Endorses NZETKD

Kukkiwon Endorses NZETKD

The Kukkiwon have confirmed their endorsement of New Zealand Elite Taekwondo Incorporated. 

The endorsement establishes not only recognition of NZETKD but creates a direct link between the two organisations and more importantly enables Kukkiwon certification for our members.

NZETKD will continue to develop the relationship with Kukkiwon and look forward to collaborating on future projects.

NZETKD Launches!

NZETKD Launches!

A new World Taekwondo style organisation has launched in New Zealand. 

New Zealand Elite Taekwondo (NZETKD) has been formed as an alternative national Taekwondo governing body for those organisations that resigned from the disputed body Taekwondo NZ.  For the past year interested parties have worked diligently in conjunction with Sport New Zealand to provide a robust, fair and transparent governing body where the interests of its members are paramount.

An NZETKD spokesperson confirmed that the new governing body was accepting new membership applications and currently had 50% of the country's Taekwondo membership under its umbrella, including the Olympic athletes.

Despite the uncertainty of the Taekwondo environment in New Zealand to date, the future is starting to look brighter.